After School

Islamic Oasis Center opened an after school program in Rogers Park in 2016.  Alhamdulillah since our doors have been open we serve around 60 plus kids from all around the world almost everyday.

Due to Christian organizations targeting our Muslim Youth in the area, we saw the importance of opening a center in this location due to the high population of refugees that reside in Rogers Park and surrounding areas. On Devon alone there are multiple Christian Centers who target the refugee population and force Christian ideology within their homes, or towards the Muslim Youth.  An example of this is where Muslim children are told to pray in the name of Christ before they start or end their homework, or when a new baby is born they will visit the families who are illiterate/ can not read English and leave litterateur in their homes about “The King of Kings”.  

After visiting these centers, and also visiting their homes and seeing the litterateur that is left in their homes helped us realize the importance of opening up a center that is walking distance to high population of these families and provide their children with a FREE after-school programming that promotes educational support, mentoring, arts and crafts, sports, and Islamic education.  

We are proud to say that we have the most diverse center, where we have youth from Burma, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, India, Somalia, Iraq, and Reverts Alhamdulillah!

Our After school hours are Monday – Friday 4 pm- 7 pm  during the school year. 


  1. We need your support to keep the doors of this center open: Rent per month is $5000.00
  2. Tutors: We are always looking for tutors to volunteer to help with academics & Quran 
  3. Supplies: We are always in need of supplies: School sharpener, pencils, pens, dry erase markers, new book bags, reusable lunch bags, Qurans, and any school supplies.
  4. Healthy snacks: We have around 60- 100 kids that show up every night. Either you can drop fruits off or donate towards fruit.

Please visit IOC PROJECT to donate towards this project! Jazzakum Allah khire