Islamic Oasis Syria medical center and home relief effort

Islamic Oasis is currently building homes and a hospital in Syria. Please help donate to our cause and become part of our effort. Below you will find a informative video about these efforts إن شاء الله

Syria homes project

Pleas donate below to help build homes or use the main donation form and choose ‘Syria oasis medical center’

For $200 you can build a home in Syria.

Dear brothers and sisters so many of you are part of this khair seeking rewards while you may be sitting at home. So many of you supported building homes and housing refugees. May Allah protect and preserve you and your families.

Brothers and sisters with the help of Allah SWT and his will we have been able to finish 100 homes another 100 are on their way. We want to build a 1000 homes this Ramadan and it’s possible wallah by the will of Allah! Imagine just $200 to build a home, house a family suffering from pain and loss we cannot imagine. Imagine on the day of judgement it might be a Dua from a family you supported gained you a house in Jannah.

Just $200 Subhan’Allah!

Cell: 630-709-3783
Office: 1 (872) 203-9413

Jazakum’Allahu khairan! May Allah love you.

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Donation Total: $200.00 One Time