Facts About Islam

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Young Companions Around the Prophet (PBUH)

Ali-10 years old, Uqba bin Amir 14, Jabir bin Abdullah and Zayd bin Harise 15 years old , Abdullah bin Masud, Habbab bin Aret and Zubayr bin Awwam 16 years old, Muaz bin Jabel and Mus’ab bin Umayr 18, and Abu Musa al-Ash’ari 19.
May Allah be Pleased with them All Ameen!

Who was Taymiyyah?

Born in 1263
Taymiyyah is a female name of a lady who was a scholar. In her lineage, there were many scholars, amongst whom, the most prominent one was
He wrote "Al Aqeedatul Wasitiyah", which was written after Asr and it was completed by Magrib!

Single Mothers Who Brought Up Great Scholars!

4 Imams
Imam Mohammed Al-Bukhari: Scholar of Hadith whose famous book, Sahih Al-Bukhari . Father died when he was an infant was raised by his mother and became blind at the age of 12!
Imam Al-Shafi: First contributor to the study of Islamic jurisprudence. His father died when he was an infant was raised by his mother, and they were very poor!
Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal: Scholar of the Sunnah. His father died when he was young was brought up by his mother. He was loved for his manners.
Imam Malik Ibn Anas: “My mother would dress me up in the clothes of the scholars while I still was a young boy and she would tell me, ‘Go to the Masjid and seek knowledge from Imam ar-Rabia’, study his manners before you take from his knowledge.’”