Islamic Oasis started it’s relief work in Somalia back in 2011. Br. Muhammed Shirazi the Director of Islamic Oasis was blessed to have to have the opportunity to go with a team to visit Mogadishu, Somalia and see the situation first hand. He was allowed to visit the IDP camps and see first hand the situation of our brothers and sisters in Somalia. The first day he landed he was greeted by a group that had gathered around to bury a baby that was a few months old who had starved to death. The situation there can not be described with words, the hardship that our brothers and sisters in Somalia have been facing for over 20 plus years due to the civil war can not be described. 

People were living in cardboard boxes, or pieces of cloth that they had created as shelter for themselves. After spending a week there Br. Muhammed Shirazi decided that we can not turn our back on our brothers and sisters and we must support them. We conducted a tent drive and with the help of our brothers and sister we were able to raise $100,000. We have provided Eid Clothing, Udhiya, Medical Supplies, and Computer class for Visually impaired Orphans.

We are pleased to announce that we have partner-shipped with Disability Aid Foundation an organization that is based in Somalia that we worked with in the past. This is an organization that is based in Mogadishu Somalia that works with people with disability. Mashallah one of the main focuses for this organization is provide orphans who are visually impaired with an opportunity to receive an education. We will be working with this organization to work with the most needy families.

Some projects that we will be supporting are:




Disability Aid Foundation 


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