This is our story

The Mission of the Islamic Oasis Center, which was established in 2008 is to be the premier knowledge resource and to be recognized leader in promoting literacy, life skills, humanitarian efforts, and religious students; locally and overseas.

After years of intense research, giving Dawah, providing social services, and humanitarian work overseas; We found it necessary to establish a full time dedicated Islamic Center that provides our community with Islamic Students, Social Services, and After-School Tutoring.


There is a significant growth of Muslim Refugees coming to America in the State of Illinois. The Missionaries and Churches are hard at work, using the desperate circumstances of our refugee brothers and sisters to convert them to Christianity. On Devon alone, they’ve opened SIX Christian Centers to target Muslim Refugees. Some of the strategies that are being used by the missionaries are: after school tutoring, financial support, translations services, job opportunities, housing, youth support, and providing rides for the children.

They are not targeting the adults, but the YOUTH. They use tutoring as a means to teach Christian ideology to mislead the children, place crucifixes/ crosses on them, tell them to remove their Hijabs, and start their activities and homework in the name of “Jesus Christ” or other deities, and force children not to fast during Ramadan.

With the work that we have done overseas and the inner city over the years, we have finally opened our doors in the heart of the Refugee Community. ALHAMDULILAH! This center has become a safe haven, where the surrounding community feels welcomed. By the help of Allah SWT, we have been able to provide all our services free of cost to anyone who walks in our center.