Islamic Oasis has been involved on the ground in Syria and Turkey two years after the Syrian revelation had started. We have done medical relief work inside Aleppo, Idlib, Marae, and Aleppo Country side. Alhamdulillah the director of Islamic Oasis Br. Muhammed Shirazi was able to go inside Syria multiple times with NGOs such as SAMS and see the work these hospitals are doing, and also assist the needs.  

We are happy to announce that Islamic Oasis has joined hands with a well known organization based in Turkey and inside Syria Sham Association for Orphans . This organization has more than 80,000 orphans registered with them, and also works with widows to provide them life skills and education to help them become independent. After visiting the organization multiple times, and working with them on the ground we have established a partnership with them Alhamdulillah.